Pakistani Lawmakers Enraged by US Drones

The Pakistani government is largely not okay with US drone strikes in their country, as is logical for any country who’s sovereignty is being violated by another country. Especially considering that the United States continues to kill numerous, innocent, Pakistani civilians with these strikes, being outraged makes a lot of sense for the Pakistani government. Even Sharif, the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, who very much so wants to maintain good ties with the US and is willing to help out with the Afghanistan peace processes is pretty ticked off at the way we conduct drone strikes.¬†The friction in the relationship certainly can’t be good, and could only be detrimental to the relationship and our ability to conduct peaceful affairs with Pakistan and other states in the Middle East/South Asia. Hopefully the United States will come to their senses soon and realize that constraining the drone program is a good idea. When even the Taliban is mocking us for our drone policy, it’s time to change things.


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